Client: Private
Year: 2007
Size: 1ha

Landscape Architect: LDA Design

My Role:
Site Analysis, Concept, Design, Graphics

The fire is fed from deep underground and from the sun in the sky. It flares. It crackles. It soothes. It warms. It responds to the seasons but never diminishes. It runs through the trees, along the hedgerows and meadow, through the orchard and across the brook striking the lakes. It approaches and warms the cottage then pulls away gently. Through the cooling autumn and freezing winter, it contracts, retrenches and then bursts out for night of flames and fireworks to celebrate the winter solstice. It gathers force for a crescendo of riotous colour on the summer solstice.
Fireplaces and Gardens
Wooden Sculptures as Landmarks
Autumn and Maples
Winter of Thinking
Spring in the Orchard
Sparkle in the Sky
Summer in the Lakes
Summer Heat